Ice-Filtered Syrups

Smoked Plum and Wild Ginger Syrup

Tasting Notes: Medium acidity. Super smokey, zesty, fruity and rich; this syrup is a combination of Applewood and Hickory smoked plums made into a syrup, then aged with a combination of wild ginger and dried Hawaiian pink ginger (that's the name, not the point of origin)

Pairings: The idea here is something that will pair to cocktails where you might use ginger; like a Dark and Stormy, or a peaty scotch like Talisker Storm. However, this is also going to make a great gastrique; a vinegar-syrup savory sauce you typically use on meat. Try deglazing a pan after searing a porkchop with the syrup then pour right over to make a complex, smokey pan sauce in seconds!

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