Cherry Blossom

Flavor Profile: Medium-High Acidity, Low Sweetness
Tasting Notes: Think Cherry Pie; Floral, yeasty, earthy and jammy with a good blend between fresh cherry flavor and preserved.
Kitchen Pairings: VGreat substitute for a traditional Red or Rosé wine vinegar; salad dressings, marinades and mignonettes benefit especially from using it.
Bar Pairings: Very good pairing to Gin, Vodka, and floral cordials such as St. Germaine. Similar acidity to a lemon; so use proportionally.

Our Cherry Blossom vinegar offers a flavorful swap for a more traditional Rosé vinegar. Looking for inspiration? Visit our recipe page for creative uses in the kitchen and behind the bar.


200mL (6.76oz) bottle.

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